October 26-28, 2018, San Miguel de Allende - Personal Vision with Andrew Sullivan

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October 26-28, 2018, San Miguel de Allende - Personal Vision with Andrew Sullivan


$750. Workshop tuition only
Instructor Website: www.andrewsullivanphoto.com

Personal vision - that elusive quality every photographer is after, whether they realize it or not. How do you develop it? is it by shooting in black-and-white? Color? How about using an iPhone, or just one lens? Is it the subject matter you choose? What's so important about personal vision anyway? Can't I just take pictures? This workshop in San Miguel de Allende will help answer those questions.

This workshop will prepare students for photographing Day of the Dead festivities that will be underway during the workshop, giving them skills and local knowledge to maximize their experience of that hallowed, beautiful, and moving tradition.

Workshop fee includes instruction and lunch daily. Detailed itinerary to follow.

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Photography at its core is a visual art, while also being the art of honoring experience, and of enhancing your life. You can write a poem with a camera, and you can shed light on ideas other people know little about. When you photograph something, a flash of recognition made you stop to lift the camera to your eye. That flash, that idea, that curiosity - those are the things that make up personal vision. That recognition is made up of the things you have studied or even just glimpsed up to now - your beliefs about life and the universe, the art in museums you've visited, the TV shows you've watched, the films that have made you cry, the books you've read, the people you've met, and the photographs you've seen.

After a few exercises designed to free you from editing your ideas before exploring them, you will focus on a single project idea during the week. A photo essay, an impressionistic take on your personal experience in San Miguel, a series of portraits, a conceptual project, what resonates with you is what we will nurture. You'll participate in daily group critiques, and meet one-on-one with Andrew to discuss your progress. You'll find that concentration on a single topic will accelerate the development of your distinctive vision.