February 4-10, 2018, San Miguel de Allende, MX, STILLS TO MOTION--Video Storytelling for Still Photographers with Bob Krist


February 4-10, 2018, San Miguel de Allende, MX, STILLS TO MOTION--Video Storytelling for Still Photographers with Bob Krist


$600.US deposit to reserve space in workshop.

As of January 3, 2018, only three spaces remain in this workshop. The hotel is now sold out. We will be happy to accommodate you in this workshop, but you will have to find your own accommodations. The workshop fee will be lower, since accommodation will not be included. Please contact andrew@seekworkshops.com for more information.

$2900.US workshop fee includes instruction, six nights single accommodation at Hacienda Santuario, round trip ground transportation from Leon (BJX) International Airport, breakfast Monday through Friday, welcome dinner on Sunday and farewell fiesta on Friday.

These days, many photographers are being asked to shoot video along with stills...and not just video clips, but video stories. If you’ve ever tried it, you realize quickly that it’s not just a matter of hitting the “Record” button in addition to the shutter release. 

This workshop, taught by National Geographic Society photographer and filmmaker Bob Krist,  is designed to help you learn to shoot short, cinematic, video stories, and it’s taught from the viewpoint of a still shooter making the transition; it will help you capitalize on your strengths, and overcome the pitfalls, that many photographers confront when facing a video assignment. 

Pay Deposit

Registrations made less than 60 days prior to class date will be charged in full at the time of registration, unless prior arrangements have been made.

In order to make the most of your time, local artists and craftsmen throughout the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende have been researched and permissions secured.  You will be able to concentrate on the week’s assignment, which is to produce a 1-2 minute video story about one of the city’s fascinating people. Bob will be joined by SEEK instructors Andrew Sullivan and Alessandro Bo to facilitate the workshop with video editing and logistical support.

Although you are free to use whatever computer and editing program you wish, the workshop instructors are all Mac-based and most editing will be done in iMovie or Final Cut Pro X.  We recommend PC users try a user-friendly, inexpensive, but powerful editing program called Filmora (also available for Macs). 

All participants need: a camera that shoots video, a small audio recorder (we recommend a Zoom H1), a tripod, and a laptop. 

Instructor Bio: Bob Krist is a freelance photographer and part time resident of San Miguel who has been shooting for National Geographic Society publications since 1980.  During that time, he has completed over 40 assignments for National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler Magazines, and is now producing short travel films for NG and other clients, several of which have won the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award for Travel Broadcasts, and have appeared in film festivals around the world. 

Besides National Geographic, his other film clients include the British Museum, the Maine Maritime Museum, Rutgers University, and several NGOs and tourism boards. 

Here are links to some of Bob's short films:

San Miguel Stories: In the Chapel of Jimmy Ray: https://vimeo.com/152855076
Pilgrims on Horseback: The Cabalgata of Cristo Rey: https://vimeo.com/205142942
Robert Beck: Over East: https://vimeo.com/175165897
Les Gardians: Stewards of the Camargue: https://vimeo.com/100430762

Topics Covered:

Gearing up for Video: Bob will share his tips and experiences for putting together the smallest, lightest equipment kit possible that will still output professional results. Audio, lighting, cameras, lenses, sliders, gimbals: we’ll look at the lightest and the best for one or two person crews.

Audio Basics: The importance of audio in video cannot be overestimated. We’ll look at some basic techniques that will help you get the best possible audio with basic equipment.

Shooting Sequences: We’ll learn the Five Angles and the Five Basic Shots to help you turn nearly any situation into editable sequences.

Analyzing your Ideas for Story Potential: You’ve got an idea for a story, but will it fly as a video? We’ll look at the five key points every idea needs to have in order to have potential as a video story.