Your Body Doesn’t Lie: How to Use the Mind-Body Connection in Street Photography

F Train, New York City, 2014_Touchette.JPG

Photo and text by Amy Touchette

New York City street photographer Amy Touchette shares an excerpt from her article about the mind-body connection and how it affects our photography, which she wrote for the tutorial website Envato Tuts+. Amy’s workshop, “Photographing Strangers: Candid & Posed,” takes place March 11-16, 2018, in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Your Body Doesn’t Lie: How to Use the Mind-Body Connection in Street Photography

Making street photography requires you to be highly sensitive to your surroundings. But in public settings, when anything can and does happen at the blink of an eye, street photographers need to be just as sensitive to their own personal state of mind while they photograph, so that they can do more than just observe; they can respond to what they observe.

Being conscious of your personal reactions as you photograph keeps you safe, alert, and creative, and it is also the very thing that sets you and your images apart from other street photographers. Your response is in essence your personal vision, even when you have little or no interaction with your subjects.

With so much to observe and take in on the street, it’s easy to forget to keep tabs on how it’s registering within you. One way to stay conscious of how you’re responding and gain some control of a subject that’s inherently fluid and unknowable is to understand and use the connection between the mind and body.

Read the rest of Amy’s article here, which goes on to discuss these topics:

  • What Is the Mind-Body Connection?
  • Intuiting People
  • Cultivating a Mindful Creative State for Street Photography
  • Starting Interactions Mindfully
  • Creating an Effective Physical Presence
  • Being in the World
  • Your Body Doesn’t Lie
  • Listening to Your Body When Your Mind Won’t
  • Using Physical Experiences to Alter the Mind
  • Realizing When the Mind Is Affected by Discomfort