Dan Noack Shares His Experiences from Eric Mencher's Workshop

My head is full of images.  I find myself chasing shadows, evaluating light, looking at scenes in an entirely new way.

I just completed a 5-day session with Seek Photography Workshop's Andrew Sullivan and Eric Mencher.  Their combined experiences and knowledge is an encyclopedia of photography, and their presentations during the workshop provided the inspiration and desire to go out and make the best possible images.

It was a true joy to be a part of Eric Mencher's "Theater of the Street" workshop in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Eric's method of instruction and critique made it very easy for me to push myself outside of my all-to-comfortable zone. Historically, the vast majority of my work has been color imagery.  During the workshop I was challenged to shoot in B&W, pushing me to look more closely at the play of light and shadow without relying on color to hold a scene together.  It gave me a new way of seeing that I can now add to my camera bag as an additional tool for future use.

I look forward to exploring, and putting into practice, all that I learned during the workshop.  And I would welcome the opportunity to work again with Andrew and Eric.