Chris Capozziello Teaches at the NPPA's Northern Short Course

SEEK instructor Chris Capozziello is teaching a workshop with longtime picture editor Mike Davis, who holds the Alexia Tsairis Chair for Documentary Photography at Syracuse University's Newhouse School, and independent photojournalist Carey Wagner. The three will discuss how to secure funding for long-term projects.

From the Northern Short Course website... "As funding for assignment work is harder to come by, photographers have to adopt a multi-dimensional business approach to sustain their careers. Multiple sources of income, different forms of media, and various outcomes are all important. Money in the form of grants is a critical part of this multi-dimensional approach, especially for a photographer pursuing a personal or long-term project he or she finds meaningful."

Chris ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund publication of his book "The Distance Between Us," the story of his relationship with his twin brother Nick, who has cerebral palsy. He raised almost $33,000 and his book was published to wide acclaim. A feature documentary inspired by the book is now in production with MediaStorm.

In his workshops with SEEK, Chris will also discuss the methods he used to fund his projects.