Oaxaca in Black and White

SEEK producer Dru Nadler shared images from her trip to Oaxaca recently, where she was studying Spanish at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca in anticipation of upcoming workshops in Mexico. Dru also plans on using her enhanced Spanish skills when she visits her daughter Nina Endrst, who teaches yoga in Tulum, on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.

Dru has been a photographer for about 40 years, photographing everything from relief efforts at natural disasters for AmeriCares to spiritual practices in Bali and a children's school in rural Tanzania. After carrying her DSLR's for years, she has embraced the iPhone for her photography and reports feeling liberated and inspired to shoot more and to experiment with new ideas in composition and technique.

We are thrilled to have Dru as a member of our team. She provides a studied, nuanced eye in critiques and has encountered nearly every conceivable subject matter in her long and distinguished career as a photographer.

Thanks Dru!