SEEK Takes Off with Launch Event

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - Nov. 18,  2016

On Nov. 11 we introduced SEEK Workshops to the local community with an event at our headquarters at Los Arcos Design Center in our adopted hometown of San Miguel de Allende. With the support of our friend, Rafael "Rafa" Franco, we brought the SEEK philosophy to life in a combination exhibition, creative idea laboratory, portrait studio and Mexican fiesta. Rafa, an architect, designer, and facilitator extraordinaire of all things creative, encouraged us to embrace "the renaissance of curiosity."

The event was a joyful coming together of friends and supporters after a very unsettling week for many of us - a cathartic opportunity to embrace beauty,  community, and the possibilities within the creative realm as a way of moving forward. It felt as if the creative power within all of us was being activated amidst the chaos and uncertainty of these times. In our case, photography—its power to refresh our perspective and ground us in the present moment—the sharing of our commitment to that—is giving us an outlet for collaboration and community building.  With this event, and the six workshops we have hosted, we’re off to a good start….the creative energy in San Miguel touches everyone here. 

The unexpected hit was our ad hoc portrait studio.  SEEK founders Andres Carnalla,  Andrew Sullivan, and Elizabeth Watt took turns photographing the guests, and the creation of a possible book was ignited—a long term project documenting the diversity of people here in San Miguel. At the end of the night, and while standing on a chair, Rafa proposed the idea, and "One Night in San Miguel" was born. The concept of the photo book enlivened the crowd, and the electricity of collaborative creativity flowed through the space as applause echoed throughout Los Arcos.

The peak of our workshop season is approaching, and we look forward to seeing you in San Miguel de Allende, Real de Catorce, and Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. Check in to see our upcoming offerings taught by Chris Capozziello, Spencer Platt, Q. Sakamaki, Amy Touchette, Elizabeth Watt, and more.

Thanks to everyone who came out that night, and we also offer a profound "Muchas Gracias!" to Agustin Solorzano, who provided bottles of his family's artisanal Solorzano Tequila.