I am a curious fellow; some might say just plain “curious." It is that sense of curiosity and love for the unusual and the offbeat that has inspired and driven me to make photographs, with an empathetic and hopefully honest eye, all over the globe, for the last thirty plus years. I hope in a workshop with me that my students will learn to deepen their own curiosity about the world, as we look into ways to see things differently.

My commercial clients have included Apple, Samsung and Time Warner, and I have photographed all over Cuba for their worldwide advertising campaign. Photography magazines Communication Arts, PDN and Italian Zoom have featured my work.  My limited edition book, AmusingWorld, features images from over twenty countries and I've had a number of solo exhibitions in North America and Mexico. My current personal projects include “Noches de Habana," photographs of Havana at night, and a series depicting the lives of Mexican “roof dogs." 

I split my time between the historic town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a country with which I feel a strong affinity, and the great city of Toronto. Whilst my Spanish is improving, my Salsa moves.... not so much.