March 18-25, 2019 - Antigua & Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Eric Mencher & Andrew Sullivan

$600.US deposit to reserve space in workshop.

We return to Guatemala for our third annual workshop in Antigua and Lake Atitlan!!

$2900.US workshop fee includes instruction, three nights at Hotel Aurora in Antigua, five nights at Posada de Santiago in Atitlan, airport transfers, ground transportation to and from Lake Atitlan, all meals at Lake Atitlan, and boat transportation to our locations around the lake. 

Balance of $2300.US will be due 30 days prior to workshop, and will be billed separately.

Photography blends art and science with the raw materials of daily life. Spirit, creative thought, awareness, and technology meld into photographs that inspire, stir the imagination, and awaken the senses. In this workshop, we will begin with three nights in the Spanish colonial city of Antigua, where Eric Mencher will lead the course. We will then travel to the heart of Mayan culture and awaken each morning to the breathtaking landscape of Lago Atitlan, encircled by volcanoes on its shores. Seek founder Andrew Sullivan, and documentary fine art photographer Rene Torres will lead this portion of the course. We invite you to work with your iPhone and mobile apps or your digital camera of choice. Eric, Andrew, and Rene will present specific themes each day, such as Light and Shadow, Concept, Composition, Street photography, Portraiture, Landscape, and Moment.  You will leave Guatemala with a stunning portfolio of new photographs, and deep insight on how to continue to develop.

Jennifer Posner, a student from the February 2018 course exhibited her workshop photos in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this summer, and nearly sold out each limited edition of the six prints she showed - a remarkable achievement. Read her testimonial:

“In February, I decided to take Seek’s workshop to Guatemala, not only because it was a destination I wanted to see but because Eric & Kass Mencher were teaching. I had heard great things about Eric’s iPhone techniques, so I wanted to learn for myself. Both the instructors and the location didn’t disappoint! 

With Eric and Kass’ inspiration, I was able to make some of the best photos I’ve ever shot.  Andrew also organized a great workshop with just the right balance between instruction and fun, while giving terrific photo pointers in the background. Every morning, our boat Taxi awaited at our dock to take us on another spectacular day of adventures and photos. 

After returning to San Miguel, Andrew and I decided to do a joint exhibition in a friend’s studio. With Andrew’s coaching, I learned about printing and exhibiting my work. All told, it was a great experience and hopefully the impetus to finally start my photo career!”

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March 7-12, 2019, Oaxaca - Photographing People & Life in Oaxaca with Amy Touchette

For the second year in a row, Amy returns to Oaxaca to teach this special workshop!

$600.US deposit to reserve space in workshop. Balance of $1075.US due Jan. 11, 2019

$1675.US workshop fee includes instruction, six nights lodging (private room and bath) in the city center at The Oaxaca Inn, ground transportation to and from Oaxaca International Airport, excursions out of the city, welcome dinner on Thursday and farewell fiesta on Tuesday.

Below is our planned itinerary. It is possible, but unlikely, that we may have to change items listed below due to unforeseen circumstances. The items listed below will be our main points of focus during the trip. Each day will include chances for one-on-one work with Amy and the workshop team. And life is full of surprises. We can’t predict what spontaneous magic we will encounter- we only know that we will indeed encounter it!

Thursday, March 7 - arrival, check-in to The Oaxaca Inn, and welcome dinner in downtown Oaxaca.

Friday, March 8 - head outside the city to photograph Ocotlan, a town that transforms into a dynamic market every Friday. We went in March of this year on the last day and it was one of the highlights - an amazing place. Then head to Santa Catarina Minas to visit a mezcal maker who uses traditional techniques.

Saturday, March 9 - street photography and portraiture in downtown Oaxaca, with lunch at Mercado 20 de Noviembre, one of the iconic sites in the city. Work at the Manuel Alvarez Bravo Photographic Center, a workshop and gallery space named after the famous Mexican photographer. Photograph the Zocalo, Santo Domingo, and the Botanic Garden.

Sunday, March 10 - leave the city again to visit the indigenous market at Tlacolula, where barter is one of the main forms of commerce. Lunch with a Zapotec family at Teotitlan del Valle, and a visit to the women's weaving collective, where they make rugs and blankets with natural dyes they create themselves from plants and insects.

Monday, March 11 - visit the pyramids outside the city at Monte Alban. Work at the Institute of Graphic Arts in downtown Oaxaca.

Tuesday, March 12 - Photograph Central de Abastos on the outskirts of downtown Oaxaca, a labyrinth of commerce - it's the spot where produce, meat, fish, and literally anything else you could possibly imagine wanting comes into Oaxaca. It's a stimulating macrocosm of daily life.

Wednesday, March 13 - checkout of the Oaxaca Inn and bid farewell.

Some of the topics this workshop will cover are:

  • Methodologies photographers have used in the past to capture life on the street, so you can determine the approach that works best for you.

  • How to gain people’s trust—both through conversation and wordlessly, using just your presence.

  • Techniques for blending into the background and “breaking the ice” with a complete stranger.

  • What to do and say when photographing a person or place upsets someone: how to calm them while staying calm yourself.

  • How your decisions and behavior set the stage for the photographs that result: the very real relationship between cause and effect and between mind and body.

  • We will also look at the photographs you make as the week progresses (should you choose to share) and discuss the experiences you’re having while photographing in Oaxaca. 

Oaxaca is an exciting, art-filled, beautiful blend of the ancient and modern. It is a bustling city nestled in the rugged mountain range Sierra Madre del Oaxaca, and at times feels like a small town in many places. From El Zocalo, the city's central plaza, street life radiates outward toward nearby cultural hotspots such as the Centro Fotografico Manuel Alvarez Bravo , the library of the Instituto de Artes Graficas de Oaxaca, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Textile Museum of Oaxaca, to name just a few of the inspiring gems within walking distance from our headquarters at The Oaxaca Inn Centro.

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