What makes Seek Workshops different?

Our team of cutting-edge, experienced professionals has been selected to create the most effective, relevant transformative photographic workshops available. We have taught workshops and university courses between commissions for some of the most important publications in the world. From Columbia University to the International Center of Photography, the Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse and the University of Pennsylvania, our instructors bring years of professional field experience and instructional expertise into their workshops.

We limit most of our class sizes to 10 students. This lets our instructors and producers concentrate on helping you evolve. We have daily critiques and editing sessions, and each student will have opportunities for one-on-one meetings with instructors. The daily critiques and discussions are where much of the learning takes place. This is where you'll get insight into what you're doing right, and what you might be able to do differently. We ask a lot of our students. Be ready to stretch yourself and take creative chances that you might not have encountered before.

We embrace current technologies without being tied to the cycle of planned obsolescence and upgrades. A photographer's ideas and ability to observe will always be more important than gadgets and gear, and we emphasize this in our workshops.

Why should I take a workshop?

Our workshops are unique experiences that may change your life. Working in a focused manner on a creative project of your choice while being mentored by one of the best in their field among a group of new friends who are also committed to artistic growth has great value. We have spent years working on our craft and thinking about how to get better, we scout fascinating locations, and refine ways of teaching all to continue the tradition of passing along knowledge to those who seek it out.

You get access to our team, most of whom are typically working on assignments and projects in the field. We provide technological resources to run daily critiques and our final multimedia presentation. We provide scholarships and award programs that otherwise would not be possible without workshop tuition fees. Our workshops are not like guided photo tours. They are in-depth, intensive creative workshops in which we will guide you in many critical ways. You will be creating a body of work that you will be proud of, and that you produced by yourself. We will be there to help you make it the best possible.

 Are your workshops physically strenuous?

While there will be neither heavy lifting nor boot camp-style exercise sessions, workshop days are long and there will be lots of walking while you are working on your project in the field. Some workshops involve walking over rugged terrain, staying in rustic and charming locations. Please be comfortable carrying your equipment and being on your feet for several hours at a time. Also please read your workshop itinerary to understand the challenges we may experience on location. Individuals with any physical conditions or ailments that might affect their experience are asked to please inform Seek Workshops prior to registering.

Are the workshop destinations safe to visit?

Yes. Your safety is our primary concern and we would not hold a workshop in a location where you would be exposed to danger. We have spent years traveling and working in our workshop locations, and we have found the local populace to be kind and welcoming. We believe by taking the same precautions that you follow in any city in Europe or the United States will keep you safe and secure.

What kind of lodging options are available?

We scout our locations to find a range of comfortable and charming accommodations suitable for a variety of budgets. From bed and breakfasts to four-star hotels, we will suggest great places to stay for each workshop, or for workshops in which lodging is included, we will have information about accommodation in the workshop description.

Do I need any immunizations?

Please visit the CDC website for detailed information: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/mexico

 What is the weather in Mexico like?

The climates in Guanajuato, Oaxaca, and Real de Catorce are renown for their mild qualities. Warm, sunny, and clear days are followed by crisp, cool nights. Rain is unusual. Our primary locations are at high elevations, some at more than  5,000 feet above sea level, and Real de Catorce is at 8,950 feet. You may need a day or two to adapt to the altitude. We suggest keeping your body well-hydrated before and during the workshop.

Do I need to rent a car?

We don't recommend renting a car during our workshops. The focus of each workshop will be on finding the richness of the culture and daily life within each location.

What can my family do while I'm working?

Remember that your days will be full with class, critiques, and work on your individual project. Your family is welcome at the closing presentation, but we must keep class sessions exclusive for students only.  Most of our workshops are held in places where visitors will find an endless selection of interesting cultural attractions and things to do. A non-participating spouse or travel partner will incur an additional fee, subject to the costs of each workshop.