I found my path as a photographer early on. Heading off to college to pursue broadcast journalism, I was given an old Pentax to play around with for the summer by a family friend. The subsequent joy I felt—wandering with intention, exploring—tuning in to my surroundings and then seeing the image emerge as
something beautiful, uniquely of my own creation; the immediacy of it—felt so exciting to me. I was hooked. I still have one of those first images on my bulletin board above my desk….some 30 years later. 

From my NYC- based studio I’ve shot food, still life, and beauty for a wide range of clients across all industries—editorial, advertising, corporate and fine art. It's been endlessly creative, fun, challenging and rewarding. I'm so grateful for all the creative freedom and the opportunity to collaborate with so many incredibly talented people along the way.  

I've also enjoyed teaching photography and creativity as an adjunct professor at The Newhouse School and workshop locations around the country. Most intrigued by the concept of ‘Good Eye’, I function as a facilitator, a guide, in helping people take their visual discernment to a new level—as a discipline—using their camera as a tool. My daughter, an amazing image maker in her own right, posed the question “How do you see?” when she was 8 years old. I’ve been exploring that question ever since. 

I recently relocated to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where I was simply drawn to the beauty, which, in a very deep down sense, abounds. It’s also brought me back to my roots as a photographer, where simply walking around with my camera—tuning in rather than tuning out with fresh eyes—is my greatest joy still.