July 16-21, 2017 - San Miguel de Allende - Transcending the Obvious with Eric Mencher


July 16-21, 2017 - San Miguel de Allende - Transcending the Obvious with Eric Mencher


$1500. Tuition only

Instructor Website: www.ericmencher.com

San Miguel de Allende: Transcending the Obvious, a Master Class in Street Photography and Creative Vision

Following on the success of his June workshop, join acclaimed street photographer Eric Mencher in San Miguel de Allende, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, for a week of street photography, creative exploration, and evolution of your way of seeing. With Eric's acute, distinctive photographic style and his personalized method of teaching, you will learn to see in ways you hadn't thought possible before. Eric is a master of the street, photographing with his iPhone to create images that go beyond straightforward documentation to a place closer to art and poetry. Yet his work is still pure documentary photography, as he captures lyrical moments of life unfolding in front of his camera.

Daily life in San Miguel de Allende, a center of creativity and culture, vibrates with the electricity of potential and imagination. With its buildings and walls painted in saturated reds, ochres and yellows, the city provides a vibrant backdrop for dynamic photography.

Our intimate working studio on a cobblestone street in the San Antonio neighborhood five minutes walk from the city center will be the site of our critiques and discussions. We'll look at your portfolio of 15­-20 images early in the week to see how we can best help you develop as a creative photographer. In addition to our lively discussions, Eric will also meet individually with students to offer special attention on personal vision, project development, professional concerns, or deeper editing assistance.

The streets, squares, and Colonial architecture will welcome our search for The Decisive Moment, as we contemplate light, composition, action, and intuition. The city has a wealth of visual possibilities, and has provided inspiration to artists and creatives for generations. 

Part of our workshop experience involves daily edits of the work you are making here in San Miguel. We'll edit and critique at noon, when the light is at its least favorable for photography. Our editing space is adjacent to an artist's studio. It is a sublime space with a loft and an atmosphere well suited to creative discussion.

At week's end, we'll edit your project into a cohesive audio slide show, explaining why certain images work alone or in concert with others. Students will be free in the late afternoon as staff assembles the slideshow and prepares for the evening's festivities. Our final night together will be celebratory and we will welcome the San Miguel art community to join us.

Photo by Eric Mencher

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