Nov 5-10, 2017, San Miguel de Allende, The Good Eye: Honing Your Photographic Vision with Elizabeth Watt


Nov 5-10, 2017, San Miguel de Allende, The Good Eye: Honing Your Photographic Vision with Elizabeth Watt


$1000 Workshop tuition only

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Anyone can develop a ‘Good Eye’ with practice. It’s a muscle we can build like any other. This workshop will focus on refining your powers of perception and getting in touch with your unique visual voice. Have you ever wondered why some photographs of the mundane, the ordinary in everyday life, resonate with us so powerfully? What makes certain images magical, original or illuminating? It’s about actively ‘seeing’ as opposed to passively looking. It’s about shifting our filtered, judgmental, habitual mindsets. It’s about having ‘fresh eyes.'

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When we drop the visual clichés we see beauty all around us. We’ll focus on understanding the difference between good and great photography—the aesthetic aspects of visual discernment such as composition, light and shadow, perspective, depth-of- field, color, symmetry, texture, line and curve.

Photography can function as a powerful tool to enrich the quality of our perception and awareness, our mindfulness and our capacity for presence; to actively engage with the world around us. Photography, whether smartphone or SLR, can be a way of fixing time, paying attention, slowing things down and heightening our experience of the world. In this workshop we’ll focus on the practice of photography as a mindfulness practice of disciplined awareness, of unwavering attention to a world, which is fully alive.

Through illustrated talks, daily exercises and explorations that bring us closer to real ‘seeing,' you’ll learn how to refine your critical eye and take your photography to a new level.

Participants should bring their camera of choice— iPhones are fine— a journal, your ideas, and most importantly an open mind. There are no mistakes…failure is an opportunity…taking risks is applauded.

What participants are saying:

"Thank you, Elizabeth, for being exactly the teacher I needed at just the right moment... Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment, to be exact!
You have opened my eyes to a whole new way to experience the world...and for that, I'm very grateful." -Marilyn, from Philadelphia, USA

"Thank you Elizabeth for the rich, generative, deep-dive experience you gave us. It was exactly what I needed. Grateful for the tools you gave us that allow us to see with more clarity and capture the beauty and quintessence of life." -Stephanie, from San Miguel and founder of SpaceClear.

"I so enjoyed the opportunity to take your workshop at Rancho and the chance to meet and share ideas with you. For me the test of a good book or film is whether it has changed the way I look at the world or myself in some way that lasts beyond the immediate experience.  I am still noticing the world around me through a different lens since your workshop....and I am thankful for that."  -Dr. David Sobel, co-author of the books: The Healing Brain'and The Healthy Mind, among others.