"Discovery consists not only in seeking new landscapes, but in having fresh eyes."

Shift your perspective. Open your eyes. Learn to SEE.

Our one-week intensive photo workshops in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico will challenge you, inspire you, and lead you to new creative directions in your work. Explore our offerings for 2017-2018—ranging from Documentary and Street Photography to the Zen of Seeing— and prepare to evolve. In addition to our workshops listed here, we offer individual mentoring and one-on-one instruction.

As one of the primary benefits of being based here in San Miguel full-time, we can also create a wide range of customized workshop experiences to accommodate your group's travel schedule.

Photography can function as a powerful tool for refreshing our perspective and grounding down in what we love. By educating our "Seeing," not only do we hone our photographic vision; we bring a new level of mindfulness, engaged presence and heightened awareness into our day-to-day lives. We feel more awake and alive, more creative and intuitive.

SEEK was created in that spirit, embracing the belief that the Art of Seeing is a springboard to The Art of Living—that "Fresh Eyes" are necessary in our personal and cultural evolution.