A letter from co-founders Andrew Sullivan, Elizabeth Watt, and Andrés Carnalla. 

from left, Carnalla, Watt, Sullivan

from left, Carnalla, Watt, Sullivan

Informed by our careers as professional photographers based in San Francisco and NYC, we bring years of experience to San Miguel de Allende with SEEK, merging the worlds of photojournalism, documentary photography, studio still life, food, and fine art. 

Our full-time presence and beautiful campus in San Miguel de Allende afford us the opportunity to build ongoing community around the process of image creation for all skill levels. We offer various workshop formats, from the standard week-long model, to one-on-one mentoring, allowing for more engagement with our participants to support the ongoing evolution of their work. 

In addition to a love for the craft of photography both as a means of creative expression, we have a shared philosophy about the power of photography as a tool in personal evolution. Although beautiful outcomes are always welcome, we believe the PROCESS of photographing, if approached with attention, an open mind, and enthusiasm, heightens the quality of experience with the world around us, functioning as a means for increased self-awareness and the ongoing evolution of ourselves. 

By learning how to SEE better, we are more awake and alive and able to bring fresh perspectives to all aspects of our lives. All of our instructors, accomplished in different realms, share and encourage this vision. Our goal is to help you capture your truest seeing.

We look forward to welcoming you into the SEEK community, and sharing this remarkable city with you--the sights, the culture, the cuisine, and, best of all--the people.